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About Us

Hi, my name is Ross!


I'm a young software engineer from the North West, with a hugely creative side. I love technology, the outdoors, animals, and of course - weddings.


When you think of technology, you probably think of programs, wires, and screens. You think of it as logical, often geeky, and sometimes unapproachable. You'd be right! But then, I also think of the opportunity to create truly magical moments. With the right idea, technology allows us to create things that were previously unimaginable. This is what I'm really passionate about!

I'm proud to present the first of these ideas as 'Project Cakes'. Combining my skills, with my wife's passion for baking, we have created a unique, flexible, and affordable solution to cake projection mapping.


Our goal is to turn your cake into a showstopper. Please, get in touch through any channel and I'll show you how.

Our Locations

We want to give you a cake without compromise. To do so, we're partnering with the best cake makers from across the country. Your first point of contact can be with us, or with them directly.

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