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The Worlds First Interactive, Light Up Cakes



We can add our effects to any cake. So, your first step is to contact us to start the design process, or choose one of our local, prestigious partners


Choose from over 50 carefully curated, customisable effects, to match any theme. We can also use personal videos and/or photographs

Perfect Placement


Effects morph to each cake tier and around decorations, meaning there is no compromise in your cake design. Expect your cake to look show-stopping, with or without the lights on!

Our variety of projector and mounting options allow discrete placement. Positioning and scanning of your cake is done on the day, and usually takes only 2 hours or less​


Add a magical touch. Literally!

Our world first and only interactive panels allow guests to trigger effects themselves

All buttons can be animated and you are welcome to choose how they are arranged. Our panels come with the options of 6 or 15 buttons, allowing further freedom in the final look - of course, this addition is optional


Finishing Touches

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